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Building Wealth & Creating Impact With Real Estate Development

Our Signature 8 Week Training Program

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This first of its kind training has been designed for those interested in starting or taking their real estate investment and development career to the next level.




Learn How to Take Advantage of Development Opportunities to build wealth & create impact in society!


I'm super excited to be offering you this training program in acquiring and developing real estate that has a massive impact on your net worth and society as a whole.

When I got into real estate three years ago, I knew that I wanted my efforts to result in increased personal freedom and sustainability of our collective future.

The trouble was that I didn't quite know how to achieve this. You see the real estate education that I received really only taught me how to take advantage of distressed opportunities like flipping single family residential property. So, it was on me to learn how to create more significant value in commercial real estate development.

After doing numerous deals of various sizes and gaining as much knowledge I could from the industry at large, I finally got clear on how to take advantage of development opportunities that would achieve my wealth and impact goals.

This training is a culmination of everything that I have learned to accelerate your efforts in contributing to the smart growth movement and get rich in the process.   

Core Sessions

In this training program, you will get access to eight core 60+ minute webinar presentations covering everything you need to know to pull off a variety of small scale commercial real estate development deals.

Week 1: The Vision for Smart Growth Development

Learn about the need for smart growth development to create economic, environmental and social prosperity. Gain an understanding for the principles and projects that can move the needle forward.

Week 2: Capitalizing on Real Estate Development

Learn how to assess market fundamentals, track development trends, assess risk / return profile of cities or sites and identify development potential of real estate in your area.

Week 3: Marketing for Development Opportunities

Learn how to target properties, find opportunities and source leads to create value in real estate. You will be equipped with the processes to acquire both off-market and on-market deals with different strategies.

Week 4: Analyzing the Potential of Development Sites

Learn how to conduct zoning analysis, valuation projections, cost estimates, and financial modeling to determine offer price for property owners to consider & return calculations for investors to expect.

Week 5: Negotiating Deals & Assigning Contracts

Learn how to pitch a range of options to owners and get their property under contract. You will learn methods to develop a list of developers that you can assign opportunities you secure. 

Week 6: Structuring Deals to Finance & Manage Projects

Learn how to structure deals in terms of both raising capital and managing operations to create value in the development process. You will be given deal structures to replicate in your efforts.

Week 7: Securing & Selling Entitlements from the City

Learn how to pursue and secure entitlements to sell. Understand necessary deliverables to obtain and how to navigate the process for approvals with the City. 

Week 8: Determining Pathways to Construction

Learn how to pursue the construction phase and confront challenges after approval. Understand about permitting, construction financing and management issues.

Discussions with Professionals

You will get access to recorded panel discussions with my development team on all the questions that developers need to know when working with these professionals...


Architecture is both the process and the product of planning, designing, and constructing buildings or any other structures. Hear from three top architects in the Bay Area.


Engineering is the application of mathematics, science, and economics to design, build, maintain, and improve structures. Hear from an environmental, structural and civil engineer.


Construction is the process of constructing a building or infrastructure. Hear from an owner's representative and general contractor on what it takes to navigate the construction process.


'Subdivision' is the act of dividing land or air into pieces that are easier to sell or otherwise develop, usually via a plat. Hear from a top surveyor in the Bay Area and a land use attorney on pursuing this value proposition.


'Structuring' is the process of putting together a deal with both partners and financiers while taking in account the economic, management and legal considerations. Hear from my real estate CPA and transaction attorney on doing a particular deal. 


Financing in the context of real estate development is the process of raising the funds both debt and equity to acquire and improve a property. Hear from a conventional lender, private lender and financing broker on getting the money you need to pull off deals.


Marketing is the process of both acquiring or selling / leasing the real estate that you develop for a particular audience. Hear from a panel of top commercial real estate brokers in the Bay Area across multifamily, office and retail asset classes. 


'Entitlements' are legal rights conveyed by approvals from governmental entities to develop a property for a certain use, intensity, building type or building placement. Hearing from a city planner and entitlements manager on what it takes to navigate the zoning approval process.

Weekly Live Q&A

We will have office hours each week on Wednesdays at noon during the program for 60 minutes via where questions about the training material or your real estate development efforts.

Supplemental Trainings

You will get access to a continuously growing repository of ScreenFlow recordings of my computer desktop on marketing for, analyzing and securing real estate deals.



Resources for Acquisitions

As part of your training program, you will get access to critical resources you need to market for, analyze and secure development deals that will make you money!

Marketing Campaigns

These will include methods for cold calling and running direct mail campaigns for single family, multi family, income property and land.

Financial Models

These will include basic financial models to calculate offer prices depending on development potential of a property.

Legal Contracts

These will include example Letter of Intent, Purchase & Sale Agreement, Assignment Agreement, and Joint Venture Agreements.

Fundamentals Program
Five Core Modules w/ Presentations

You will be granted access to the five-part Fundamentals Program in Building Wealth in Real Estate Development professionally produced and hosted on Kajabi. These high level overviews cover the key elements of the business model including Strategy, Structuring, Acquisitions, Financing and Development. Beyond the recorded videos, you will get  access to the PowerPoint Presentations, MP3 Recordings and Transcripts.

Case Studies of Past Deals

These 12+ case studies are Recorded Presentations and/or Powerpoint Presentations featuring a range of development deals that have been carried out by Smart Growth. These include deals with strategies such as: renovate & sell, renovate & hold, single family entitlement, multifamily / mixed use entitlement, condo conversion and lot splits.

Learn from a range of small scale development deals I have successfully carried out and profited hundred of thousands of dollars from that you can pursue in your market...


This deal was an acquisition of a former gas station with a small existing structure that housed a tire shop and car wash. The entitlements for a 41 unit mixed use apartment project were secured and sold to a larger developer with the intention of building 100% affordable housing. 

Condo Conversions

This deal was an acquisition of a single family residence with a commercial storefront in a higher density zone. The entitlements to convert the existing structure into two condos and a work/live unit as well as two new construction condos in the rear of the property were sold to a residential developer. 

Lot Splits

This deal was an acquisition of a mixed use apartment building on a large lot that could be split and support additional housing units. The entitlements for the lot split and approval to build a sixteen room coliving project were sold to an operating group and the existing building was sold to another investor.

Private Discussion Group

You will be granted to a private Facebook group of all other participants in the Smart Growth Development Community. This resource will be a good way to connect and collaborate with professionals looking to focus on similar project types.

"I was able to go through and complete the Smart Growth Developer Academy signature training. Using what I learned from the program, I was able to complete my first entitlement flip opportunity for a $600k profit! This program has allowed me to open my eyes to the world of opportunities and I'm excited to further my growth and career as an up and coming Real Estate Developer!"

Jimmy Tu
Real Estate Investor

You will get so much value... Guaranteed!

There will be so much value packed into this program to ensure you become a raving fan and successful example of what's possible in this movement. If you aren't satisfied with your experience after the first two sessions, I will refund your money back no questions asked. Here's my assessment of the value that you will get out of this...

  • 8 Weekly Webinars with 60 Minute PowerPoint Presentations (Value $4997)
  • 8 Panel Discussions with Top Development Professionals (Value $2997)
  • Weekly 60 Minute Question & Answer Sessions With Chris Porto (Value $2997)
  • Marketing Campaigns for Direct Mail and Cold Calling owners of Single Family, Multifamily, Commercial Real Estate and Land (Value $1997)
  • Financial Models to Calculate Offer Prices for Development Opportunities across Residential and Commercial Real Estate Asset Classes (Value $1997)
  • Legal Contracts including example Letter of Intent, Purchase & Sale Agreement, Assignment Agreement and Joint Venture Agreement (Value $1997)
  • Fundamentals Program with 5 Core Modules professionally produced with PowerPoint presentations, MP3 recordings and transcripts (Value $997)
  • 12+ Case Studies of Past Deals from Smart Growth's real estate development efforts over the past three years (Value $997)
  • Private Discussion Group with the Smart Growth Development Community of Practice hosted on Facebook (Value $497)


When you combine all the various features listed above, this is a value of $19,473 for the training program that you will be getting for a fraction of that when it comes to your financial investment!

Bonus: Live Event

You will also get TWO FREE TICKETS to a day long event featuring deep dive trainings on real estate development. This will be held in May 2018 in Oakland, California.


Join this 8 week signature training program on Building Wealth & Creating Impact with Real Estate Development. Click on the link below to get started today!

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