Learn to Develop Small-Scale Commercial Real Estate That Builds Wealth & Creates Impact

Hosted by Chris Porto - Founder of the Smart Growth Developer Academy









Learn the Secrets of Success in Development

How To Source Profitable Development Opportunities

Learn to find and analyze properties with development potential based on zoning both on & off the market

How To Structure Deals to Capitalize on Developments

Learn to negotiate contracts and finance projects up to 100% of the total cost while balancing risk and return

How To Secure the Development Rights from Cities

Learn to manage the process and the professionals needed to secure and sell entitlements for development projects

Meet Your Trainer

Chris Porto is the Founder & CEO of Smart Growth - a sustainable real estate investment and development company - and the Smart Growth Developer Academy dedicated to training professionals looking to build wealth and create impact in society with the power of real estate development.

Within a matter of three years, Chris went from having zero experience in real estate to building a seven figure net worth and carrying out numerous commercial real estate development projects that took advantage of the potential defined in the zoning code to positively impact his local area. 

Chris noticed the lack of practical training available for professionals to get started in commercial real estate development with a triple bottom line - economic, social and environmental - benefit. So, he decided to design a program based on his experience and learnings to teach others how to follow the proven path he and others have navigated to take on projects that create transformative value in the development process that make cities better.

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This Roadmap will break down the phases in the process, the types of assets and projects to target, the multiple acquisition / exit points to consider, the financing rounds to hurdle and the potential payoffs including the "holy grail" if you can create enough value!


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